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Performance Inès Cherifi
  • Performance Inès Cherifi
18.02 at 19h

Inès Cherifi is an artist, composer and violinist who creates hybridizations that she describes as « mutant sonorities ». Between improvisations and meticulous, romantic-sounding compositions, her pieces produce hybrid narratives with diverse cultural connotations, revealing a reflection on the transmutable nature of our society. The alloying of materials produces non-verbal explosions that give a sharp rhythm to the electric violin loops, producing dense forms.

Silently barking is based on a poetic dialogue between a violin, machines and a synthesized choir. Fragile, trembling sonorities gradually thicken, to the point where their materiality mutate into «noises». The elements become increasingly incisive in a slow elevation, while a voice sketches out words without ever quite reaching language. Marked by a Baroque influence, the composition gradually takes on a more protective dimension, giving the sensation of powerful immersion.