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Paris Gallery Weekend - 25.05 - Chouquettes & Citronnade - 3pm → 6pm - Guided Tours
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16.02 at 19h30
« Aural Quest. » Conversation between Inès Cherifi and Valentin Ranger

Inès Cherifi and Valentin Ranger have been collaborating together for five years, driven by a shared desire to hybridize digital and sound forms in an orchestral, epic, and operatic vision.

As a result of their constant discussion, the performance “Aural Quest” represents a new encounter between opera vocals, violin, and a chaotic orchestra directed by the composer’s new productions. In this collaboration, Inès Cherifi shares her intimate narrative to bring life to the silence of Valentin Ranger’s 3D and baroque universe.

Inès Cherifi is a producer and artist whose music oscillates between symphonic sounds and incisive, radical kicks. It is an explosive burst of light in a dense and romantic abyss. Mutant and erratic sounds gradually feed off each other, creating a sense of immersion. Between improvisation and meticulous compositions, her pieces generate hybrid narratives that blend electric violin, synthesizers, and vocals. Her influences range from experimental music to electronica, noise, and hybrid club. She has been featured in programs at Lafayette Anticipation, Palais de Tokyo, FRAC Corse, and MUCEM.